I have been coming to Dr. Bulitta for over ten years for various challenges.  In recent years I have been coming monthly for routine adjustments.

I have had rotator cuff pain off and on for several years.  Cortisone shots had helped with the pain for a couple of years, but a reinjury led to nagging pain that did not improve with physical therapy, pain ointments or hot and cold application and my mobility was becoming increasingly restricted.

I asked Dr. Bulitta if he could help me with my left shoulder, which he agreed to do.  For a few months he manipulated the joints and the muscles to help restore my flexibility.  He applied deep pressure to loosen adhesions which had formed to protect me from pain.  His treatments were uncomfortable for me and strenuous for him.

Early on, I was unable to reach my seat belt with my left hand and my general movement was quite restricted.  I used my right hand to move the seat belt to where I could comfortably attach it.  I no longer wake up in pain at night. I do the exercises he prescribed to maintain movement.

Despite the discomfort of Dr. Bulitta’s manipulations, I have much better movement in my left shoulder and arm and don’t fear that I will be tortured by a “frozen shoulder” forever.

For this I am grateful.

Roberta P.

                   I am a Progressive Chiropractic success story. Not, mind you, that I had planned to be.  For years, I had been skeptical of chiropractic.  Of course, for years I had suffered from migraine headaches, too.  But I never put two together for a possible solution.  The migraines began when I was ten years old, and usually arrived once a month.  They were pure misery: from behind my right eye, radiating through the top and right side of my head, the migraines would put me flat on my back, with ice packs and cold compresses pressed in relays to my head, for as much as two days.  I doused the migraines with OTC pain – killers, but to little avail, apart from upsetting my stomach and giving me wicked intestinal cramps.  It hurt so much I cried. 

            It was my wife who persuaded me to give chiropractic a try.  She had applied to Dr. Henry Bulitta for trouble she was having with her back and knees, and found so much relief that she began working on me to see Dr. Bulitta for my migraines.  Reluctantly, and after much hemming-and-hawing.  I agreed to try chiropractic.  Nothing else seemed to have worked, so why not?

That was in 2016.  After six months of chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Bulitta, the migraines stopped.  And I do mean stopped. Completely.  My last migraine was in August, 2016 and I have not been troubled with a single one since.  And what a relief!  No more loss of time and work!  No more suffering in agony, as though my head had been axed in two!  You may want to say that this could only be a miracle.  But it’s a miracle that happened only after I tried chiropractic.

             I’ve remained a patient of Dr. Bulitta and Progressive Chiropractic ever since then, and I can tell you that, if you suffer from the nightmare of migraine, you should seriously consider chiropractic treatment.  I am not a follower of fads; I have no exotic hobbies; I don’t buy shares in the Brooklyn Bridge – so don’t write this off as just the testimonial of someone who shops for odd solutions to imaginary problems.  I had migraines – bad, debilitating ones.  And after chiropractic, I don’t.  That’s the simple, happy story.  If you’re a migraine sufferer, I’d urge you to try it too.  The solution may be closer than you think!

Allen G.

“…But most exciting is my migraines have nearly disappeared! In fact, I have had only one in 35 days… I highly recommend to others in my position to look past pills and try chiropractic care.”

Lindsey C.

“I’ve had shoulder issues for years and physical therapy would help on a short term basis, but pain would eventually come back.  Being a professional athlete, I couldn’t go on like that and now a year later after seeing Dr. Bulitta the pain is completely gone…thank you!” 


“…But the care and strategies from Dr. Bulitta are essential elements of a management program that has allowed me to pursue a normal range of activities including sports.  Without that care the quality of my life would be diminished!”

Jim G.

“…I began my journey toward recovery.  I know I have some problems that may resurface depending on my activities, but he has helped me tremendously!”  I also feel my immune system has been enhanced!”

Rita E.

“I was once severely impaired by lower back pain and sciatica.  Dr. Bulitta restored my quality of life and gave me a “second chance” without the dangers of surgery.  I will be forever grateful!”

Luis G.

“Within the first two visits the Dr. had me walking comfortably and taller than before.  And within a couple weeks I was on the golf course again. He wasn’t able to cure my “snap hook,” but that is not his specialty!”


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